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For the most significant improvement in the quality of your landscape astrophotography, I recommend a wide angle with a focal length of about 35mm or less on full-frame cameras, 24mm or less on APS-C cameras and 16mm or less on Micro 4/3 cameras.The Milky Way takes up a huge portion of the night sky and so a lens with a wide field of view will make it easier to capture as much of it as possible.If you’re interested in the technical reasons for what makes a good lens for astrophotography, check out my guide on how to pick a lens for Milky Way photography.

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Also check out my article on putting together your Beginner Astrophotography Kit.It’s not very fun lugging around a heavy tripod, even if it could support an aircraft carrier.I personally use: the Sirui T-025X( Amazon )( B&H ).One recommendation I always make for photographers looking to buy a tripod is to find one with a ballhead.

It’s much easier to quickly re-compose a tripod with a ballhead than one with the more video-centric pan-tilt head.The wider field of view will also allow us to use longer shutter times to gather more light without seeing the effects of the earth’s rotation as star trails.

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